The Buzz

by Mona Dyer

‘Tis the season! One morning we wake up and there it is… Christmas Spirit! I cherish the sensation… and the way it creeps up on me. It starts as a flutter stirring in the back of my mind. Little by little, the tiny feeling grows until I have a heart filled with joy! All things are possible once the warm-fuzzies arrive! There are things to decorate … surprises to wrap … cookies to bake …and sweet anticipation over spending a little time with those I hold dear. Big celebrations or small … warm-fuzzies light my way!

Indoors & out … there’s beauty in the season! The big juniper at the corner of the yard is adorned with deep purple berries … the Winter King Hawthorn is loaded down with clusters of bright orange fruits … and the maiden grass sways softly in the breeze. Even the rabbit brush is decked out with tufts of fluffiness, downy & soft. Inside, we suggest you decorate your home with perfect accents from Bookcliff Gardens! Vivid Christmas cactus & poinsettias in colors you’ve only imagined … fresh, aromatic evergreen boughs & garland … and beautiful live wreaths to greet guests at your door. It’s yours for the asking at Bookcliff Gardens!

We’ve missed out on the wintery feel of snow so far this year … so I’ll be giving my beloved gardens a good drink of water in the next week or so. My trusty frog-eye sprinkler … hooked up on a slow running hose… is the perfect solution! It’s an early holiday gift for living things that give me such joy all year through. And in case Santa reads this… Soil Pep is a stocking stuffer! It serves double duty as mulch to help maintain soil moisture … and nourishes the soil itself.

Speaking of stocking stuffers, we’d love to help you fill those wish lists! From special décor in our Christmas Shop to beautiful houseplants and unique giftware, you’ll find gifts for nearly every taste & style. We carry local products including amazing handcrafted soaps from Canyon Spirit Soapworks of Fruita… fresh, raw honey from Loma … and Zesty Moose spices & dipping blends, mixed up in Palisade. And don’t forget our assortment of sachets & sprays, crafted with lavender grown right here in the Grand Valley. We love the quality of their products and as a local small business ourselves, are so glad to offer their goods in our store! If you need a few last minute surprises for the gardener in your life… we’re fully stocked with everything from fresh veggie & flower seed to heating mats, gloves, pruners & supplies! And by the way, Bookcliff Gardens Gift Certificates make awesome stocking stuffers. They’re always the right color & style! ‘Tis the season! Decorate your home with perfect accents and beautiful Christmas treasures from Bookcliff Gardens… where warm-fuzzies abide!


 Join Bookcliff’s Garden Club for exclusive money savings deals every week! Just text the word Bookcliff to 46976. Stay in touch with Bookcliff Gardens on Facebook, and online at

Bookcliff’s December
 Gardening Calendar


Week of November 25th – December 1st:

  • Rake up and remove leaf debris from the lawn.
  • Check moisture levels around your trees and shrubs. It’s been dry, so a good soaking is recommended. Water once a month as needed… your yard will thank you!
  • Pots containing Hyacinths, Tulips and Narcissi have pre-cooled for forcing. Bring them indoors about a month before you want them to flower.
  • Mulch perennials after the ground is frozen. While you’re at it, give your beds a drink of water to hold the plants over through winter.
  • Shop at Bookcliff Garden’s for one of a kind gifts and unique ornaments!       You’ll always find gardening supplies here … and lots of cool stuff for your home!


Week of December 2nd – December    8th:

  • Mulch roses after the ground freezes by piling 12″ of course organic material like chopped leaves, straw or cedar mulch on plants. The key is protecting the graft from dry winter cold.
  • Monitor houseplants for insect problems. If you’re not sure what your plant’s problem is, bring samples to Bookcliff so we can help identify what’s going on.
  • Check your gift list. Bookcliff Gardens Gift Certificates are the perfect color and always fit!


Week of December 9th – December 15th:

  • A bit of wishful thinking here … Heavy snow build-up can break limbs! Remove snow as needed by shaking branches or knocking it off with a broom.
  • Shop at Bookcliff Gardens for unique gifts, decorations & ornaments that’ll be treasured!
  • Decorate with fresh evergreen boughs, garlands and wreaths from Bookcliff Gardens! We’ll even customize them to suit your home’s décor.


Week of December 16th – December 22nd:

  • Time is short! Beautiful locally grown Poinsettias & Christmas Cactus are here … perfect for a splash of Holiday color!
  • For the Gardeners on your shopping list, choose gifts & supplies like gloves, soils & fresh seed that you can’t find anywhere else!
  • Bookcliff Gardens Gift Certificates … always the right style & size!
  • Keep potted Christmas trees in the house no longer than 3 or 4 days. Keeping them inside where it’s too warm puts your tree at risk for breaking dormancy.                                                      


Week of December 23rd – December 29th:

  • Finish your last minute Christmas shopping at Bookcliff Gardens! You’ll find seasonal items, unique ornaments, beautiful flowering Poinsettias & Christmas cactus and so much more!
  • Bookcliff Gardens Gift Certificates … the perfect stocking stuffer!

Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your family every joy this season!

  • Plant your potted Christmas tree quickly. Keep it watered this winter to avoid winter drought.
  • Bookcliff Gardens is closed for a few weeks, beginning Christmas Eve. We’ll be open again soon, so stop in to see us!

Bookcliff Gardens wishes you Happiness & Prosperity in 2012!                                  


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The Buzz

by Mona Dyer

Whoosh! October came and went in a hurry, didn’t it? There were so many beautiful colors this autumn… blown away in just a couple good windstorms. We’re still enjoying mild daytime temperatures and perfect sweatshirt weather. A few frosty nights have put an end to most of our garden greenery, but the mums are still blooming their crazy heads off. Pansies are singing the praises of the crisp, cool weather as well … sweet little monkey faces … nodding approval and cheerfully smiling a welcome greeting to those who walk past. Time to rake leaves & crunchy garden plants into bags … or into bins for composting. Just another little excuse to stay outside on a splendid autumn day!

November is going to be busy here at Bookcliff Gardens. We kicked off the month with a Hobby Plant Extravaganza! Folks who grow everything from African Violets & bonsai to orchids & cacti were here … to share what they know! On the 10th, we’ll host a class to show you how to turn a gourd into a Wintertime Snowman! Please let us know you’re coming so we can have supplies for everyone. We’ve begun decorating the Christmas Shop … in preparation for our annual Holiday Open House! It’s set for Sunday, November 18th … the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We carry unique ornaments & holiday décor, beautiful poinsettias, fabulous decorating ideas … and hearts full of joy! Bookcliff’s open house is from 10 to 4 on the 18th… and we’d so love to have you visit.

In between all the hustle & bustle of getting ready for company, we’re in the midst of making some wonderful changes to the garden center’s front entry. Spacious, roomy, inviting & awesome!

 As one beautiful season swirls into the next … we wish each of you the very best.


 Join Bookcliff’s Garden Club for exclusive money savings deals every week! Just text the word Bookcliff to 46976. Stay in touch with Bookcliff Gardens on Facebook, and online at

 Bookcliff’s November
Gardening Calendar 
Week of November 4th to November 10th:

  • Remove leaf debris from pond surfaces.  To catch leaves, stretch  net over the surface of the pond. If your pond is active through the cold months, use Microblift Winterizer to keep pond water fresh. It makes spring start-up a breeze!
  • Clean, sharpen and oil tools for winter.       
Week of November 11th to November 17th:   
  • Winterize concrete fountains before water freezes in it. Drain thoroughly, put dry towels in basin and cover with plastic.
  • Start a backyard compost pile with shredded leaf and garden debris.
  • Till vegetable and annual flower beds to expose and kill insect eggs and improve soil tilth.
  • Buy Poinsettias and start forcing Paperwhites for bright holiday displays.
  • Pot Amaryllis bulbs as gifts and to add pizzaz to your home’s decor.


Week of November 18th to November 24th:

  • Annual Holiday Open House Sunday, November 18th from 10 am to 4 pm. Shop at Bookcliff Gardens for unique holiday decorations and refreshments.
  • Mulch pansies against winter drying. Water through winter as needed.      


Happy Thanksgiving! We are closed for the Holiday November 22nd.  

Week of November 25th to December 1st:  

  • Wrap trunks of young trees to prevent winter sun-scald injury.
  • Fertilize houseplants monthly. Shorter days and slower growth means houseplants need less water.
  • Check stored springs bulbs occasionally. Remove rotting bulbs. If Dahlia bulbs are dry and shriveling, spray lightly with water

Visit Bookcliff Gardens’ Christmas shop for unique gifts and decorating ideas.

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The Buzz

by Mona Dyer
Anyone else notice? The calendar said ‘first day of fall’ and POOF! … it was fall! Wasn’t it magical? Suddenly, evenings became cool enough for a sweatshirt, and shorts & t-shirts are set aside for long pants & a light jacket. And then… it rained! Finally!

 The change in weather and the feel of autumn coming into its full glory is unmistakable. Trees &  shrubs throughout the valley are beginning to turn on new color & charm. The Autumn Purple ash trees are starting to magically transform … rich shades of burnished purple and gold are everywhere. If you have a chance, drive down Gunnison Avenue between 7th & 12th streets. The trees along that 5 block corridor are stunning. Foliage on Winged Euonymus are starting to turn that iridescent shade of fire engine red … simply magnificent. Swaths of Purple-Dome Asters & garden mums in burnished shades of red, orange, yellow & bronze are a beautiful foil for lawns that are still green but littered with a few fallen leaves. There’s a damp crispness in the air that begs for a little blaze in the fire pit … a cup of hot-cider … and a bowl of spiced butternut squash soup. That’s livin’!

Produce from our production garden is slowing down with cooler weather. We’ve still got plenty of onions, potatoes and winter squash for you to enjoy.  If you haven’t been in this fall, hope you can drop in to see the gnarliest pumpkins in the world. These guys have knots & warts all over ’em… but the bumps are green & yellow, not orange. Strange lookin’ things… perfect for Halloween because they’re creepy cool!

Make sure you pop in for a bottle of fresh, local honey so you have it on hand when that first sore throat attacks … and remember to grab a couple packets of Zesty Moose dip & marinade mixes, since you’ll no doubt have company over on game day. It’s fun to share good food with good friends, don’t you think?

We have a couple special events here at Bookcliff Gardens in the next few weeks. I’m teaching a class on Planting Bulbs on Saturday, October 13th in the garden center classroom. We’re set to start at 10 and we suggest you preregister so we have a chair for you. Next, on November 3rd & 4th, we’re hosting a Fall Plant Extravaganza here. You’ll have a chance to visit with folks who are expert in growing cactus, orchids & African violets. They’ll show you their techniques & share tips on how to make these lovely plants thrive. Getting all these folks in one place is a barrel of fun, and we’re happy they’re coming to visit.

We’ve received several shipments of new shrubs and our locally grown baby trees are rooted out and ready to plant. Drop by and pick out something to tuck into the yard this fall. Fall planted trees & shrubs wake up in their new homes come spring, acting as if they’ve always been there. Enjoy the beautiful weeks ahead. It won’t be long until POOF! … it’s winter.

Bookcliff’s October Gardening Calendar 
Week of September 30th to October 6th:

  • Apply pre-emergent to prevent cheat grass & purple mustard next spring. 
  • Spray Pinyon trees with Permethrin 38% on October 1st to ward off Ips Beetle.      
  • Divide and replant perennials.  
  • Plant new trees and shrubs. They love this time of year!
  • Continue watering cool weather veggies for late fall harvest.
  • Are your pansies planted?
  • Plant garlic now. Need seed? We have it, along with detailed growing instructions! 

Week of October 7th to October 13th:   
  • Plant Amaryllis in containers for holiday blooms.
  • Rake leaves from lawn. Let them dry then chop them to use as mulch around perennial plants.
  • October 13th is average first hard freeze in Delta/Cedaredge, the 14th in Fruita.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs now until mid November.
  • Give trees & shrubs a deep drink of water before irrigation water is shut off.    

Come to Bookcliff Gardens October 13th at
10 am for a morning of fun! Sign up for our Bulb Planting Class. Register early and we’ll save you a seat!


Week of October 14th to October 20th:

  • Apply late fall winterizer food to the lawn as late as possible, but while it’s still green, then water well.   
  • Divide rhubarb after first killing frost to improve production.   
  • Canal water is generally cut off mid to late October. Water trees & shrubs deeply one last time! 


Week of October 21st to October 27th:    

  • Mulch strawberries. October 25th is the average date of the first hard freeze in Grand Junction.   
  • Prepare vegetable garden for next spring. Remove debris and till decomposed organic matter deep into the soil.  

Week of October 28th to November 3rd:    

  • Lift and prepare summer bulbs for winter storage as soon as frost damages foliage.
  • Winterize sprinkler system by blowing out water with an air compressor. Need help? Call Bookcliff Maintenance! You’ll find helpful, quality service by calling 242-7769.  
  • The clock starts ticking now for your winter water schedule. Remember, once a month works wonders!

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by Mona Dyer

Can you feel it? The tiny little flutters of autumn? It’s all around us right now, when you slow down a bit to savor it. You’ll find the change of season in a hundred different signs & signals. It’s a tiny nip in the air at sunrise… and birds meeting in ever larger flocks to tweet about their travel plans. Green foliage is changing shades … and a month from now will be an amazing array of burnished russet, red, orange & yellow. Now…picture such magnificent color set against a sapphire Colorado sky. Ahhhh… simply beautiful!

For lots of us, the joy in gardening returns this time  of year. Scorching summer heat is finally subsiding, and the pace slows down. Lazy September days in the garden send my spirit soaring! There’s time now to divide & move those beloved perennials. They gave their all this summer, despite challenges the weather threw their way. I appreciate everything they do to keep my garden colorful & bold from April through November. A little time with them now is really all they ask in return. There’s no good reason to put off redecorating corners of your landscape right now. Bookcliff’s Fall Clearance sale is underway for a few more days, so you can save money too! Add a couple new flowering shrubs and a new ornamental tree to the mix at your house. They’ll settle into your yard nicely! The soil is warm & welcoming for young root systems, and there’s plenty of time for new plants to get comfy before they doze off to sleep a few weeks from now.

September finds us reaping harvests from the veggie garden. Tomatoes are sweeter now, and there are bushels of them to be had. If there’s ever a time to set aside summer bounty for the cold, windy days ahead, this is it! Drag out your favorite salsa & spaghetti sauce recipes, dust off the kettles and make a glorious mess of your kitchen! Bookcliff’s Produce Market is going strong, but the season won’t last forever. Take advantage of the fresh, homegrown goodness while it’s still in season! Juicy, sun-sweetened tomatoes … zesty chili peppers … vine ripened melons and tender sweet-corn are still being picked daily. By the pound or by the bushel … Bookcliff Produce is a fresh taste treat, grown right here just for you! We’ll even roast the chilies for you!

Tiny flutters of autumn are around us … savor every beautiful minute with Bookcliff Gardens!  

 Join Bookcliff’s Garden Club for exclusive money savings deals every week! Just text the word Bookcliff to 46976. Stay in touch with Bookcliff Gardens on Facebook, and online at

Bookcliff’s September
Gardening Calendar 

Week of September 4th to September 10th:
  • Bookcliffs Fall Clearance Sale continues through Sept. 9th. Save 40% off on potted trees, flowering shrubs and perennials!
  • Start reducing water for trees and shrubs in your yard to get them ready for winter.
  • Plant mums and add more pansies!
  • Plant the new trees and shrubs you bought at Bookcliff’s annual Labor Day Clearance!
Week of September 11th to September 17th:   
  • Spot treat now for white grub with Bayer 24-Hour Grub Control, water well and apply again in 1 week.
  • Don’t quit now! Keep spraying for coddling moth every 7-10 days until harvest.   

Check Bookcliff’s Produce Market for yummy fruits and veggies! We’ve got lots for you to enjoy! Need roasted chilies? We’ll roast your order while you’re here!

Week of September 18th to September 24th:

  • Visit Bookcliff Gardens to see fresh 2013 trees and shrubs. It’s a perfect time to plant them!
  • Houseplants that spent summer outdoors should come inside. Give them a shower and treat with Systemic Insect Control so pests don’t hitch a ride indoors.
  • Get beds ready to plant spring flowering bulbs! Tulips, daffodils and crocus will brighten dreary days in early spring
  • Plant Garlic now. Bookcliff has several varieties of seed garlic to choose from.
  • Stay on top of bindweed treatment using Weed Free Zone!

Week of September 25th to October 1st:

  • Harvest the last of your summer veggies, pumpkins and gourds before the first frost.
  • Apply last treatment of 38% Plus for lps beetle in pine trees on Oct. 1st.
  • Divide and replant peonies.
  • Plant Paper White Narcissus in pots for fall and winter color.


B&B Shade Trees 

Get 50% Off
Remaining 2012  

B&B Stock Ash &  

Honeylocust Varieties  

and More! 



Reg. $255 each. Offer good through Sept. 30, 2012 only while supplies last

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The Buzz

by Mona Dyer

Did you hug your air conditioner today… or cuddle up with the swamp cooler? Have tinkling ice-cubes become music to your ears? Yeah, us too. The past month has been simply beastly where summer heat  is concerned. Hot … sticky … downright uncomfy! At least, that’s the way you and I see it. Guess what, though? Our flower & veggie gardens appreciate the heat & are doing just fine, thank you very much!Image

July’s heat sent cucumber & squash plants galloping across gardens… and tomato plants leaping out of their cages! Green beans & okra are flowering, with harvests about to kick in. Eggplant & peppers have set fruit that need just a bit more time to mature before harvest. Summer veggies relish hot weather and we relish those veggies!

If fruits of your labor aren’t keeping pace with your hankerings … drop by Bookcliff Gardens to tide you over! We can help you perfect the tomato-to-bacon ratio for your BLT … no matter how much bacon you have! Whether it’s one vine-ripe tomato for supper, or a bushel of ’em for juicing or home-made sauces… we’ve got you covered. Need a sweet, crispy cucumber for a salad? Why not buy a box of them and try your hand at pickling?! We grew dill & garlic, too, so you can make killer pickles of your own.

While you’re in the store, make sure you pick up some new potatoes, summer squash, and a few ears of Bookcliff’s delicious, flavorful sweet corn. It’s tender, sweet & tasty … perfect for grilling or using in fresh summer salads. Aromatic, handpicked herbs including cilantro, basil, oregano, rosemary & tarragon can lift your favorite recipe to new heights! We’re also carrying Zesty Moose marinades & dip seasonings, handcrafted right here in Grand Junction. And be sure to take home a bottle of amazing raw honey that we get from some busy little bees at Dan-Kin Honey in Loma. They do excellent work!

We’ll have tree-ripe Palisade Peaches for as long as they’re in season … and it’ll be melon season in just a matter of weeks. Mmmmmmmmm. Just thinking about all these summer-time delights makes me hungry. Hope you’ll excuse me while I grab a garden snack & cuddle up with the swamp cooler.


 Join Bookcliff’s Garden Club for exclusive money savings deals every week! Just text the word Bookcliff to 46976.

Stay in touch with Bookcliff Gardens on Facebook, and online at


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The Buzz, July 2012

by Mona Dyer

Does anyone doubt that summer has arrived in the desert? Holy smoke! Hot, dusty & dry barely covers it! Mother Nature has reminded us of our place in nature & is guiding us toward wiser choices. While we absorb this year’s lesson… bugs & garden diseases that typically don’t show up until late this month or early August have already reared up to bite us on the buds!

Summer heat hit us like a blow-torch a few weeks ago. Windy days and exactly zero precipitation has made growing things a real challenge. If the heat wasn’t rough enough, it’s been a game of catch-up just staying even with the onslaught of creepy-crawly critters & plant killing diseases. The mild, dry winter left us with other problems, too. Some folks find themselves with less irrigation water than usual… so we’re maximizing how that precious resource is divvied up.

Ingenuity with water is in play in lots of gardens. Truth is though… where many of our plants are concerned …a bit of water will go a long way! I popped more than 30 itty-bitty perennials into the garden the first week of June. The new babies are all alive & well, thanks to being given a few ounces of water every morning from my trusty Red Solo Cup. It won’t be long until they’re strong enough to be weaned to the norm in my flower garden … a big drink of water just once a week! Veggie plants took a beating in searing wind. My plants aren’t as luxuriant & green as usual, but I’m not complaining because the tomatoes & squash have set fruit! The veggie patch gets just one good soaking a week … but an inch deep layer of compost around the plants keeps their feet from getting too hot. The okra was up in less than 5 days … and the peppers are rockin’ along, now that the robins have stopped yanking leaves off the plants!

If you don’t grow your own produce, we’ve got you covered! All your favorite summer veggies and herbs are coming on strong right now in Bookcliff’s Produce Garden. Howard & Teresa promise they’ll start picking ripe, juicy tomatoes any day now. The cucumbers are crisp & sweet, the herbs are fragrant & flavorful, and the zucchini & patty pan squash are fresh & tasty. Mmmmmmm. Oh! Did I mention peaches! I didn’t? Well guess what? WE HAVE EARLY PEACHES! Hope you’ll stop by for a taste of the season’s best garden goodies.

The hottest weeks of summer are still ahead, but don’t fret. Your garden will be fine, even if you’re a bit wilted & bedraggled. My motto this summer? If you can’t stand the heat … garden before daylight!

                       Bookcliff’s July Gardening Calendar 

Week of July 1st to July 7th:
  • Spray Pinyons with Permethrin 38% on July 1st to protect against lps Beetles.
  • Check aspens for signs of borer activity.  Spray with Permethrin 38%.  
  • Keep an eye out for ripening garden veggies. Mmmm-mmm Good!   
  • Visit Bookcliff’s Produce Market. We have locally grown, fresh picked veggies, fruits and farm eggs 7 days a week!

                    Celebrate Independence Day…we’re closed Wednesday because we’re celebrating 4th of July too

Week of July 8th to July 14th: 

  • Apply third drench treatment against tree borers in peach, plum, cherry and apricots on July 10th.   
  • Be sure to water consistently to avoid stressed lawns. Check soil moisture to determine the schedule that’s right for you.    
  • Spruce up your flower beds by adding annuals to fill mid-season holes in color. A flat of marigolds can work miracles!
  • Use Bayer Rose and Flower Care to feed and protect against insects and diseases.    

Week of July 15th to July 21st:

  • Deadhead perennial and annual flowers to extend bloom and keep plants looking fresh. Fill in with new annual blossoms.     
  • Fertilize vegetable gardens once a month with Bookcliff Gardens Choice Vegetable Fertilizer. 
  • Enjoy crispy cucumbers and garden fresh tomatoes right off the vines! 

                    Check Bookcliff’s Fresh Produce selection today!

Week of July 22nd to July 28th:    

  • Treat roses against thrips using Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Insect Control, or spray with spinosad.  
  • Watch for veggie garden pests. Early intervention makes a big difference!
  • Monitor for spider mites on trees and roses. Mites love hot weather!   

Week of July 29th to August 4th:      

  • Apply the final drench treatment against crown borer in peach, plum, cherry and apricots on July 30th.
  • Treat spurge and bindweed in your lawn using Weed-Free Zone! 
  • Stay on track in watering deeply and infrequently.
  • Sip a cool drink in your lush backyard! Kick back and enjoy the beauty you’ve created!

                   Check Bookcliff’s Fresh Produce selection  today! 

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The Buzz, June 2012

by Mona Dyer

This spring has been a blast! Blasted heat… blasted wind … blasted bugs! Even so, who’d trade one minute in the garden for anything else! Hopefully you’ve got your veggies planted and your baby tomatoes & cucumbers have taken hold. It’s so exciting to watch those little guys push new growth in the garden… and thrilling when they start to set fruit! The first juicy taste of your homegrown tomato is amazing!

Whether you’re new to growing veggies, or have been growing them for years, we’re here to help you grow bumper crops! We’re happy to help you learn what your plants love, what might make them sick, and how to get rid of bugs when they show up uninvited! We’d be tickled to help you grow so much zucchini that you resort to leaving baskets of it on neighbors’ doorsteps.

If you crave the taste of summer produce but just don’t have the time or space to grow your own, no worries! Bookcliff grows all your favorite herbs & veggies for you! No need to wait for the weekly farmer’s market… we pick & sell our fresh produce 7 days a week! We’re in cahoots with some scratch & go chickens, too … so fresh eggs are available most days. We even expect farm fresh cherries from local orchards later this month!

While you’re waiting for your bountiful harvest, be sure to keep spectacular color going in the rest of your yard. Bookcliff still has lots of beautiful bedding plants for you. With Father’s Day coming up, may we suggest planting a shade tree? We think Dad deserves his own bit of shade, so look for this month’s special offer! Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook. Bookcliff Gardens, home of simply successful gardens!


Bookcliff’s June Gardening Calendar 

 Week of May 27th to June 2nd:

  • Continue to spray cherries against Western Cherry Fruit Fly. Repeat every 7 to 10 days until harvest.
  • Keep newly seeded lawns watered. The top 2″ of soil should be kept moist for germination.
  • Hollyhock weevils damage buds and leaves. Treat with Permethrin
  • Come see our Potager Garden!


Week of June 3rd to June 9th:
  • Plug aerate lawns if compacted or dry spots prevent water penetration.
  • Fill patio containers with bright flowers and foliage for inviting outdoor living spaces!
  • Plant new roses, flowering shrubs and trees for spectacular landscapes!

Week of June 10th to June 16th:

  • Stay ahead of weeds with Weed Free Zone for broadleaf weeds or Kill-Zall for grassy weeds.
  • Treat with Bayer Season Long Grub Control if white grubs attacked last year.
  • Fill empty spots in perennial beds with brilliant annual flowers and colorful herb pots.
  • Deadhead roses to hasten re-bloom!


Week of June 17th to June 23rd:

Happy Fathers Day! Call Dad on June 17th! We’re open from 10 am to 4pm.

  • Apply the 2nd drench against peach tree borer on June 20th.
  • Spider mites increase in hot weather. Wash trees down with water, or use Miticides.
  • See what’s blooming in the Potager Garden!
Check out the veggies in Bookcliff’s
produce garden!


Week of June 24th to June 30th:  

  • Crush Squash bugs, eggs and nymphs. Spray underside of leaves for best affect.
  • Keep an eye out for vegetable pests like tomato hornworms, loopers and squash bugs. Control as needed.
  • Continue spraying against coddling moth. Alternate Malathion, Sevin and or Spinosad every 7 to 10 days.

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